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Painter, Poet, Illustrator.


Jenna is a multidisciplinary artist who specialises in oil surrealist paintings and has spent the last few years studying and practising art as a painter, illustrator, and poet, in Florence, Italy. Using her canvas as an energetic mirror to the process of transmutation through returning to a state of oneness, Jenna recognises her artistic practice to be a form of Alchemy, as her paintings are both an expression and an invocation of transformation. 
Jenna first studied Art, Design and Media practice at Kingston School of Art and then moved to Florence to pursue a traditional training in masters oil painting techniques at Charles Cecil Studio. The impact of classical training combines with dynamic expressionism in Jenna's surrealist oil paintings. She completed her first solo exhibition titled 'When The Stream Walks On The Shore'  in July of 2023 at Labatorio 13, Il Conventino in Florence and in January she exposed two life-sized energetic mirrors as part of a group exhibition titled ‘Wundakammer’, held at Aquaflor Firenze and curated by Artist Polina Stepanova in January 2024.

Upclose with the flow

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